Saturday, October 29, 2011

Butterfly Fairy For Halloween

Who wouldn't want to be a colorful, free, Butterfly Fairy??

This, is my last addition to my affordable Halloween looks.  Here are the links to my other amazing, affordable tutorials for Halloween.

I used mainly purple colors for my butterfly because purples make my green eyes stand out.  But you can choose any color of your choice or a color that makes your eyes pop.

First, I primed my eyes & face (where you are applying eyeshadow) with MAC's Bare Study Paint Pot (pearl) using my Sigma E25 brush.

With, LORAC's Front Of The Line Pro in black, I outlined my eyebrows & filled them in.   

Using the same LORAC Liner I made my shape.  I brought the top wing to just below my eye & I made my bottom wing outline my cheek.  Then I brought the bottom wing up to where I started to outline my eyebrow.  Repeat on other side.
  * Your shape which can be any shape just make sure it looks even on the other side. And don't worry if your outline isn't perfect or thick. Because we go back at the end to clean it up.

Then, I followed the outline I just made using my Smashbox #3 brush applying MAC's Carbon Eyeshadow (matte intense black).  It does not have to be perfect just make sure to stay in the lines.

With my Sigma 217 blending brush I blended MAC's Push The Edge Eyeshadow Pigment(deep purple) onto the Carbon I just put down.

And, I patted MAC's Violet Eyeshadow Pigment (bright purple) onto my eyelid.  Then I blending it into the MAC's Push The Edge all over with my MAC's 217 brush. 

So the only place that doesn't have eyeshadow on is the apples of your checks.  Which I filled in with Make Up For Ever's Eyeshadow #9 (vibrant matte lavender).

Now that the butterfly is all filled in we are going to go back and add more detail and fix the outline.  So I traced my outline to make it thicker & adding details like adding antenna's. 
     *Your details can be anything you like.  Experiment.

And I lined my upper lashes with LORACS Liner flicking upwards.  Then lining my bottom lashes from my inner corner to where the top wing meets the bottom wing.

Then, I traced the black outline with NYX Glitter Liner #09 (emerald green), which gives it a little something and covers your outline if it wasn't perfect. 
     *You can use any color glitter you want.  I choose green for my eyes & goes great with the purples.

Using, my amazing Shiseido Eye Curler, I carefully curled my eye lashes.

Then, I coated my lashes in LORAC's Special Effects Mascara in Black.

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