Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fun, Vibrant, Rainbow Eye Tutorial

This is a fun, vibrant, rainbow eye tutorial that will be sure to grab attention anywhere you go.
All the eye shadows I used are from the Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette.  But you can dupe them with similar shades that you already have.
First, I primed my entire eye area with Too Faced.

Then to make the eyeshadow even more vivid, I applied Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream Eyeshadow #4 (white shimmer) to my eyelid & lower lash line.

And I swept Too Faced's In The Buff (matte ivory) under my brow & inner corner of my eyes with Sigma 239 brush.

With my MAC 239 brush I patted Too Faced's Cop A Teal (peacock blue) onto my eyelid not going past the middle of my lid & my inner bottom lash line.

Then I used the other side of my MAC 239 brush to apply Too Faced's Nice Stems! (golden clover) to the middle of my eyelid & the middle of my lower lash line.

Using my clean Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow brush I lightly blended where Cop A Teal & Nice Stems! met.

And with the other side of my Bobbi Brown brush I patted Too Faced's Party Girl (bright violet) onto my end of my lid, into my crease & the end of my lash line.

With my MAC 217 brush I blended out Party Girl in my crease.  And then I blended where Party Girl & Nice Stems! met.

And I lined my upper lash line with Buxom's Lashliner in Leatherette.

But I lined my waterline with MAC's Powerpoint Eyeliner in Tealo (teal).

Using my amazing Shiseido Eye Curler I carefully curled my eye lashes.

Lastly I coated my lashes in LORAC's Special Effects Mascara in Black.

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